(Last Updated On: October 23, 2020)

Travel to Oslo by train, bus, ferry, plane or car. See which companies offer direct routes to Oslo.

Trains to Oslo

Train is a comfortable way to travel, and you can enjoy beautiful Norwegian scenery on the way. 

Approximate travel times by train: 

Bergen–Oslo  7 hours
Trondheim–Oslo  6.5 hours
Stockholm–Oslo 4.5–5 hours
Gothenburg–Oslo 4 hours
Oslo Airport–Oslo 20 minutes

Arrival by train
All trains to Oslo arrive at Oslo Central Station, directly in the city centre. Local trains and most regional trains also stop further west in the city, at Nationaltheatret, Skøyen and Lysaker.

Flytoget Airport Express Train: Norway’s only high-speed train provides fast and comfortable transportation between Oslo Airport (OSL) at Gardermoen and several stops in the Oslo region.

NORD: SJ, the Swedish national railway company, operates trains in Norway under the brand NORD. NORD operates the route from Oslo to Trondheim, as well as the famous Nordland railroad betweeen Trondheim and Bodø in northern Norway. NORD also operates the picturesque Raumabanen railways, Rørosbanen railways, the local trains around Trondheim and Bodø, as well as the trains from Trondheim to Åre in Sweden. 

Vy – Norwegian State Railways (formerly NSB): Vy (formerly NSB) is the national Norwegian railway company, and offers train services in most of Norway and between Oslo and Gothenburg.

Buses to Oslo

Lots of providers are offering bus transportation to Oslo, find more information here: https://www.visitoslo.com/en/transport/to-oslo/bus/

Ferries to Oslo

Take a ferry to Oslo from Kiel, Frederikshavn or Copenhagen. Oslo can be reached by ferry all year. 

Ferries Denmark–Norway 
DFDS: Copenhagen–Oslo
Color Line: Hirtshals–Larvik, Hirtshals–Kristiansand

Ferries Germany–Norway
Color Line: Kiel–Oslo

Color Line is Norway’s biggest cruise and ferry company, with six ships on four different routes between Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Color Fantasy and Color Magic, the world’s largest cruise ships with car decks, sail daily between Oslo and Kiel in Germany, departing at 2 pm and arriving at 10 am in both cities. The ferry terminal in Oslo is located at Hjortskeia and contains parking spaces, luggage storage and a café.


Mini cruise between Oslo and Copenhagen with daily departures with the ships Crown Seaways and Pearl Seaways. The sailing time between the Scandinavian capitals is about 17 hours, and it is possible to bring your vehicle on board.

The ships have modern facilities and restaurants with Nordic cuisine. On board you will also find tax-free shops with exclusive brands, including Danish designer brands, at competitive prices.

DFDS is one of the largest cruise ferry companies in Northern Europe, and the only one that sails between Oslo and Copenhagen. The departure time is 4.30 pm from both cities.

Airlines and routes to Oslo

There are direct flights to Oslo from most major cities in Europe, and from some cities in North America and Asia. 

Approximate flight duration (some examples):
London–Oslo: 2 hours 
New York–Oslo: 7.5 hours 
Rome–Oslo: 3 hours 
Moscow–Oslo: 2.5 hours

To plan your trip to Norway, please visit Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), https://avinor.no/en/airport/oslo-airport/ or your local travel agency.