(Last Updated On: October 27, 2020)

Oslo Escape Routes is a series of suggested walking routes between two of Oslo’s newest and most exciting neighbourhoods: Tjuvholmen and Vulkan. Each walk has a different theme and different suggested stops along the way.

This five-kilometre walk takes you through some of Oslo’s newest and oldest neighbourhoods and to some of Oslo’s top architectural attractions:

1. THE THIEF: Luxurious design hotel at Tjuvholmen with exciting art and fabulous details (Address: Landgangen 1).

2. Astrup Fearnley Museum: The world famous architect Renzo Piano designed this spectacular museum building (Strandpromenaden 2).

3. Mellomstasjonen/The new National Museum: Get a first impression of Scandinavia’s biggest art museum and its architecture. (Brynjulf Bulls plass 2).

4. National Museum – Architecture: Museum that explores contemporary architecture and historical themes in an award-winning building (Bankplassen 3).

5. Posthallen: Fashion shops and restaurant in a historic building in Oslo’s historic centre (Prinsens gate 8).

6. Pascal Tollbugata: Café with delicious cakes, food and wine in a building from 1895 (Tollbugata 11).

7. The new Deichman library: The new branch of Oslo’s public library will open in 2020 (Operagata).

8. Opera House: Snøhetta-designed, award-winning landmark where you can walk on the roof (Kirsten Flagstads plass 1).

9. Barcode: Barcode consists of twelve narrow high-rise buildings, each with its own unique architecture. (Dronning Eufemias gate).

10. Akrobaten bridge: From the steel and glass bridge with innovative architecture, you have an excellent view of the Barcode ensemble. (Stasjonsallmenningen).

11. Akerselva River to Vulkan: Follow the river with its old, repurposed factories, now used as art centres, restaurants and cultural venues. (start: Grønland 2).

12. Vulkan: Modern, green district that includes homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, cultural facilities and the Mathallen Food Hall (Vulkan 5).

Enjoy your walk!